Brochure: Cyber Insurance

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If you have accurate risk insights, you can price policies competitively, manage and mitigate the collective risk of the policy portfolio continuously, and qualify legitimate claims and protect yourself from fraud.

The cyber insurance market is growing rapidly, opening opportunities for insurance providers who can assess cyber risk effectively. Capgemini’s Cyber Insurance offer covers the entire lifecycle of a policy. From acquisition, in-life management, and post-breach support. Our value proposition comes down to a simple statement: Capgemini’s Cyber Insurance offering is uniquely capable of facilitating informed interventions and risk mitigation. This is delivered by a combination of capabilities, including:

  • The use of machine learning to generate service insights
  • The ability to harness more data to generate more accurate insights
  • A global footprint that enables us to support any active incidents or claims
  • Automated client acquisition at a reduced cost
  • Cost-effective commercial models
  • The ability to enter new market and geographies via our global Cyber Insurance Platform, with in-country support services
  • The ability to proactively reduce claims by enabling data-driven interventions through our In-Life Risk Management process

Brochure: Cyber Insurance

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