Many public sector organisations already use analytics to help identify and deal with high-risk customers, but in order to drive a step change in handling risk, reduce costs, and improve customer
service, the current approach needs to be turned on its head. Assurance Scoring uses advanced analytics to recognise customers that are confidently identified as posing negligible risk. Typically this enables over 90% customer applications to be safely automated, so staff only devote detailed attention to activities associated with non-compliance or illegality
Getting Assurance Scoring right can play an important role in helping public sector organisations deliver the daunting challenge of how to cut costs, at the same time as improving customer
services and delivering a 2020 vision. The right technological tools and data science techniques, combined with business change to streamline and automate processes, provides a more
efficient way to handle workloads, for better, faster customer service and to block most criminal activity before it happens.