How BPO can help manufacturers manage today’s complexities.

The world is undergoing an unprecedented degree of change. The way consumers interact with each other, the way we leverage resources, the increased wealth in fast-growing economies are all impacting manufacturing companies. Increasingly, manufacturers are turning to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to help address such challenges as a decline in demand, the increasing power of the consumer and the complexity of the supply chain.

No longer are organizations looking for low-cost transaction processing services from Business Process Outsourcing. They also want solutions that can deliver real business outcomes and effectively support them in addressing these challenges. This point of view explores 10 specific challenges being faced in the contemporary manufacturing environment and ways Business Processing Outsourcing can support them:

  • Cost pressures
  • Agility and flexibility
  • Sustainability
  • Access to skills
  • Master Data Management
  • New markets
  • Evolution of social media
  • Information overload
  • Service management
  • Managing innovation