When your application landscape become flexible and productive, so does your business. New Application Lifecycle Services from Capgemini.

Capgemini has launched a new service line to offer CIOs and their businesses a full rationalization program, taking responsibility for the full application lifecycle for part or all of their application landscape. Although four decades of application expertise are bundled in our new Application Lifecycle Services, the value proposition and impact of the service line are radically new. Capgemini commits not only to take responsibility for the complete operational management of the current application landscape. but, in parallel, to drive a multi-year simplification journey with the CIO and business leaders. Capgemini’s global Application Lifecycle Services is a managed service based on a comprehensive and integrated family of solutions that encompasses the entire lifecycle of an application landscape: from application conception, design, deployment, service, renewal, to disposal. Most importantly, a series of robust industrialized delivery models allow businesses to move away from the escalated cost of hand-crafted IT.  This brochure introduces you to this new service line.