Aligning a UK retailer with its critical business objectives

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Our client had an extremely simple and successful strategy for many years. A new digital reality was emerging, and its strategy was shifting to suit this. Big change programmes were modernising the company and efficiencies were being sought to face the future.

The situation

There were a number of challenges. How do they structure the business for change? What capabilities do they need to deliver for their customers? How do they build a business that can evolve as customer behaviour changes?

The solution

We listened and challenged, consulting across critical stakeholders to develop a roadmap. We worked side by side with the business every day to highlight implications of any decisions. Not how the theory says they should operate, but how the changes would be fit for the future working with the culture, values and the way the company does business.

Our team are retailers so the nuances and complexities were familiar to us. We brought experience of many other ways of working and helped the company choose which of these best suited where it wanted to go. We worked hard and at pace, moving rapidly through areas that ran smoothly but taking time where more attention was needed to ensure success and maintain support and enthusiasm across the organisation, always ensuring that the client owned the change.

The result

What started as a big gap between ‘where we want to go’ and ‘how we get there’ there’ became a tight fit between ‘this is what we’re going to do’ and ‘this is how we’re going to do it’. The big decisions that were set in motion became a clear plan that ensured the entire business delivered its strategic ambitions. Proof came in terms of the business’ performance, which is still able to invest wisely whilst operating at lower cost. More than that, the results are seen by customers in store and on the website. We’ve helped achieve their ambitions in a way customers can see them and love them.


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