Smart Water Services Platform

The success of a smart metering programme is wholly dependent on the utility’s ability to manage metre deployment and operations efficiently and effectively, track work orders, control field services and access live information on service levels.

Capgemini’s Smart Water Services Platform (SWS Platform) is a unique off-the-shelf solution enabling water utilities to deploy and manage Radio Water Metres and networks. SWS Platform is the only proven end-to-end integrated workflow engine that manages the entire Radio Metreing lifecycle, from programme planning, metre rollout, and operations through to maintenance.

As a multi-utility, multi-client platform, SWS Platform is highly configurable and flexible. It takes into account different functional and regulatory requirements that apply to different geographies.

Over the course of eight years, SWS Platform has benefited from our experience in energy, and evolved from a metre rollout planning tool into a fully-fledged Radio Metre management system. Its design has been influenced by our experience of managing programmes to deploy 16.7m metres worldwide.

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