It requires experimentation in a way that enables developers to learn and adapt rapidly. And it requires a dramatic move away from the traditional waterfall development approach. Transformation is not easy, yet the business and IT agility rewards are great, with multi-faceted, forward-flowing benefits right down the business line.

Every organisation’s journey toward becoming a digital, cloud-native enterprise is different. And being able to effectively determine the best speed of operation—whether to go fast, faster or fastest—can be intimidating.

This is where the expertise of partners such as Capgemini and Pivotal comes in, by offering organisations a unified approach focused on transformation and enabling IT agility. Capgemini has the experience and expertise needed to help organisations reach DevOps success. It understands that DevOps is a journey that starts with a few workloads focused on building a solid foundation capable of scaling and extending to handle additional workloads quickly and efficiently. It’s this approach that ultimately facilitates unconfining standardisation. DevOps thrives on its ability to continuously improve and encourage learning, sharing and adapting throughout the organisation.