Consumer food wastage

Capgemini food waste management solution

Food waste reduction is part of a larger effort to improve sustainability for our global food...

AI in Retail

Store.AI – Sentient to the core

Now’s the time for retailers to rely on more than just store traffic and transactions...

AI in Retail

Find everything on your shopping list with the Smart Store Guide

Have you ever expected a quick trip to the store and ended up spending way more time...


Capgemini’s Retail sustainability solution “Circle”

Save time by not having to conduct a yard sale or take time posting and tracking online,...


Cybersecurity Talent -the big gap in Cyber Protection

Eight recommendations for how organisations can bridge the cybersecurity talent gap.

Applied Innovation Exchange

The Discipline of Innovation

Innovation Centres—In Vogue but are they Delivering the Expected Goals?

Loyalty Deciphered—How Emotions Drive Genuine Engagement

Discover what drives brand loyalty, and how to cultivate it, in the findings of this...


The digital talent gap—are companies doing enough?

A Capgemini and LinkedIn joint research report shows that the digital gap is widening.