Waste – Closing the loop

Our waste strategy covers the disposal of office waste whilst moving towards closing the loop through circular economy thinking.

Our waste management approach helps reduce the depletion of finite natural resources, as well as minimise our material use. Managing our waste effectively is also a tangible, impactful way of engaging our people with our environmental commitments.

To reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, we have installed central waste recycling points in all our offices including food waste bins where local collection is available. In 2017, we introduced new regional waste champions who have responsibility for reviewing how we manage our waste and ensuring that we achieve continual improvements. In addition, we use targeted communications around our offices to engage our employees and inspire behaviour change in their approach to recycling.

Going circular:

The concept of “circular economy” involves maintaining products and materials in a positive development cycle for as long as possible to reduce the need for the use of additional raw materials. As a provider of services, we have limited opportunities to practice circular economy principles as part of our core business model. However, circular economy thinking has influenced the way we buy goods and our overall waste strategy. We work with our suppliers to ensure that, where possible, items can be re-used or recycled. For example, our office chairs are 91% recyclable at the end of their useful life.

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