We’ve made significant reductions in our travel emissions. This progress is the culmination of several years’ investment in initiatives which encourage smart, safe and sustainable travel. Our award winning TravelWell programme provides a holistic approach to sustainable employee travel combining behavioural change and the deployment of new technology.

Our 2017 Target

To reduce business travel emissions by 25% by 2020 and 50% by 2030 (compared to 2014)

Our performance

Since 2014, we have reduced our business travel emissions by 1%. Progress has not been as rapid as we would like, in part due to the acquisition of IGATE and in part due to our increasingly global client base. However, we expect progress to accelerate with the roll out of new, more advanced audio and video conferencing technology across our offices and through the establishment of a new Travel Board with a focus on four key work streams: employee engagement, travel policy, low emissions transport and technology alternatives to travel.

How we reduce our travel emissions

Business travel is an important area of focus for Capgemini, making up approximately one third of our greenhouse gas emissions whilst also posing a significant cost to the business. While recognising the importance of face-to-face time spent with our clients, we continue to take pragmatic steps to reduce our travel-related impacts.

We’ve made significant reductions in car travel, long haul flights and hotel stays following several years of investment in initiatives which encourage smart, safe and sustainable travel (as well as challenging the need for travel). Our award winning TravelWell programme aims to ensure that the right tools are in place for every employee to make informed sustainable decisions when it comes to business travel.

Our TravelWell programme has had a transformative effect on the way we do business, cutting our business travel costs and reducing employee travel time. Our people can now communicate effectively from any location, using seamlessly integrated mobile, audio and video conferencing technology. We also ensure that our choice of company cars are limited to more fuel efficient models and enable our people to charge electric vehicles for free at several of our sites. We also promote rail travel by providing our people with the ability to book and print their rail tickets using dedicated in-office ticket printers.

Our TravelWell programme encompasses

  • Investing in new online technologies to enable people to meet and collaborate, reducing the need to travel for face to face meetings;
  • Encouraging the use of public transport, including special company bus services and rail season ticket loans;
  • Incentivising rail travel through provision of in office booking tools and rail ticket printers;
  • Incentivising car-sharing by offering an additional passenger mileage rate;
  • Enabling virtual working and flexible working hours to enable employees to work remotely and travel outside peak periods;
  • Providing preferential ‘green’ parking spaces for electric or hybrid cars at office locations with car parks;
  • Installing electric vehicle charging points at four of our key offices;
  • Careful controlling of our company car fleet with an emissions cap to ensure only more sustainable vehicle options are offered;
  • Providing monthly individual carbon statements for all employees to monitor their travel;
  • Launching a new business travel and safety online training course – providing important information to help our people stay safe while travelling overseas; and
  • Launching a TravelWell animation, aimed at helping raise awareness amongst new joiners about the business travel tools and services we provide.

Online communication technology

Advances in video conferencing technology have radically changed the way businesses operate, reducing the need for time consuming and carbon intensive business travel. As part of our Holborn office renovation, all meeting rooms were equipped with the technology needed to host a video conference through Skype for business. This means that it is now even easier for our people to hold video conferences with their clients and colleagues, while simultaneously sharing digital content.

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