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Webinar: Digitise and automate IT ecosystem governance

Our pragmatic approach for transforming and modernising IT services delivery

Modern IT service delivery is going digital to better manage things in the cloud, while the number of IT service suppliers continues to grow exponentially. Business expectations around managing and controlling costs mean enterprises are also now facing extremely complex ecosystem management challenges. Capgemini taps into the power of ServiceNow® to help solve these challenges. We establish Digital Governance Frameworks that bring insights into focus and leverage automated process compliance monitoring and contractual management to get the maximum business value possible from IT services and suppliers.

In this webinar, you will hear from Hugo Gordillo, Capgemini Enterprise Solution Architect and Engagement Leader. Hugo will share why Digital IT Governance is important and how to:

  • Drive value from the services delivered by your suppliers
  • Reduce manual effort so organisations can focus on more value-added activities
  • Create transparency for your business so that you are managing services and suppliers within one platform, such as ServiceNow®, and with one data model

Access the webinar Power up your ServiceNow®: Digitised IT ecosystem governance.

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Capgemini and ServiceNow® bring together practical experience, the right mix of people, and the process/ operational knowledge to address customer issues at a global scale

  1. ISG named both Capgemini and ServiceNow as Leaders in ranking of US IT operations management providers.
  2. We extend the reach of ITSM with a comprehensive Digital SIAM solution
  3. Capgemini has 800+ ServiceNow specialists, 870+ ServiceNow certifications, 300+ ServiceNow projects delivered, 150+ ServiceNow accelerators, 190+ joint customers
  4. Global COE’s in Europe, North America & APJ