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Technology Principals: Data, Standards, Security Futures

Using our approach of Simplify, decoding the technology trends that matter to enterprises can be viewed from a different perspective. By addressing the “Technology Principals” that we see are key drivers of technology evolution, we move beyond the hype to stimulate strategic debate on the technology trends and the questions they raise for the enterprise.

The rapid evolution in technology has transformed society and business alike. Yet the plethora of technology is a major challenge for any enterprise to determine which will have the biggest impact. Our response to this complexity is to Simplify, enabling the enterprise need for scaling; speed; agility and collaboration.

Simplify means to understand the fundamental drivers of technology, something we call the “Technology Principals”, which enables us to assess the technology trends across the innovation horizons and the impact to the enterprise.  These Technology Principals are;

  • Data, The Fuel of Technology; There has been a fundamental shift in the treatment of data, moving from the subject to the object of technology. This is a recognition that data has intrinsic strategic value independent of the technology
  • Standards, The Fabric of Collaboration; Society and Business operates in a highly connected and increasingly ecosystem driven world, and successful enterprises will need to be more collaborative with their customers, clients and partners. This relies on technologies aligning with agreed standards
  • Security, The Foundation of Confidence; For years IT has been built on the fundamental parameters of cost and performance, but with the digitalisation of society and transfer of value to on-line, security is now integral to the parameters of the technology equation.

Understanding the key themes and ideas of the Technology Principals enables enterprises to decode and make sense of the other technology evolutions we track.