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Rolls-Royce Innovation Radar

About Innovation Radar

Welcome to the first edition of the Rolls-Royce Innovation Radar.

We, as part of the Rolls-Royce account team are continuously on the look-out for innovation which is relevant to Rolls-Royce’s business. This communication is our endeavor to share these innovations with Rolls Royce.

The innovations could be in the form of demos, PoCs, floor-walks, success stories and case studies from Capgemini’s ecosystem as well as thought leadership from the industry. Through this communication channel, we want to bring transformative ideas which can help in developing new areas of business value for Rolls-Royce. We target our solutions to reflect your business priorities.

Every month we will explore one or two assets, success stories or ideas, this month our topics are:

  1. MBE+ (Model Based Enterprise) Solution
  2. Exoskeletons
Jason Aldred
CTO Rolls-Royce Account
Aditya Gandhi
Innovation Lead

MBE+ (Model Based Enterprise) platform


Model Based Enterprise (MBE) is used in manufacturing to create a strategy, where an annotated digital 3D model of product serves as the single source of information for all activities in the product lifecycle. This eliminates the use of paper based 2D models which traditionally had the following challenges:

  • Managing design updates requires significant effort and rework
  • Data sync issues across product lifecycle – design, engineering, suppliers
  • Interpreting design intent from 2D drawings-based documents
  • Managing revisions in engineering and manufacturing processes

Why MBE?

MBE is the prerequisite for implementing any use cases within the Digital Manufacturing/ Industry 4.0 approach.

  • Use of 3D model-based definition (MBD) practices such as 3D dimensions and tolerances as the master data across the enterprise
  • Reuse 3D CAD MBD models as opposed to recreating them during product development process
  • Enable model based inspection using 3D models

Our Solution

Capgemini has built the MBE+ framework which can help you accelerate your journey to Model Based Enterprise.

Our MBE+ platform (adopted by NIST & ISO)

NIST – National Institute of Standards & Technology
ISO – International Organization for Standardization

The solution is an extension to the traditional fully integrated platform for collaboration using enriched 3D CAD data containing Product Manufacturing Information (PMI).

  • Supports AP242 standard for exchange of CAD model and PMI data
  • Enables exchange between AP242 compliant STEP and other data formats
  • Supports export to 3DPDF containing required information for manufacturing and collaboration

Key Features

  • Platform independent, can be used on any device e.g. handhelds, PCs
  • No need for an app or license on client side
  • Integrates with engineering analytics engine, knowledge based engineering, enterprise knowledge base, design for manufacturing evaluation etc.
  • No limit on number of users
  • Seamless integration with legacy systems like ERP, PLM and CAD platforms
  • Single source of truth across key business functions R&D, procurement, suppliers, quality assurance, manufacturing and assembly units

Applications/ Use Cases

  • Design review and collaboration
  • Model based inspection
  • Training and visual support for service engineers
  • Real time design review with globally distributed teams



We all have seen the “power suit” in the Iron Man films and the capabilities it offers. “Exosuits” are no longer part of the fictional world, they have found their way onto the manufacturing shop floor. With major automotive OEMs already adopting the technology, it makes sense for us to explore it for Rolls-Royce’s business.

What is an Exoskeleton?

Mechanical or powered wearable devices , whereby the construction mirrors the structure of human limbs, joints and muscles, utilised as a capabilities amplifier or as a fatigue and strain reducer


  • Enhance, reinforce physical strength and stability
  • Assist in lifting heavy objects
  • Reduce strain on body muscles
  • Mitigates injury risks


  • Based on power source – mechanical and battery
  • Body part supported – legs, back, shoulder or full body suit
  • Material Used – Plastic or Metal

Exoskeletons at a leading UK Airport?

We recently hosted a customer workshop to showcase Exoskeletons by two vendors at a leading UK Airport. The purpose of the workshop was to allow the operational staff to try the technology first hand and see how it fits into their daily operations.

Vendor :  SuitX – California based Company


  1. backX : Back support for prolonged bending movements
  2. shoulderX: Dynamic Shoulder support for “chest to ceiling” level tasks
  3. legX: Spring support for squat movements (e.g. when lifting heavy objects)

Vendor : Noonee – Germany based Company

Product :  Chairless Chair: allows to effortlessly switch between active sitting, standing and walking position.

Typical Use Case

Exoskeletons can support manual labour tasks in industrial environments. Repetitive tasks which cannot be automated and are physically demanding.


  • Warehouses: material handling and logistics, sorting, forklifting
  • Assembly lines and factory floors: paneling, painting, electric work, inspections, drilling
  • Construction sites: shipbuilding
  • Airports: baggage handling

Industry Adoption

We are already observing adoption trends especially by automobile OEMs and aAircraft manufacturers. Companies such as Boeing, Airbus, BMW, Daimler, Siemens, GE have started using these for their assembly line operations

Value for Rolls-Royce

Industrial workers struggle with health issues, productivity is constrained due to the limitations of the human body. The exoskeleton technology unlocks this value.

  • Improve productivity by a  four fold
  • Mitigate the risk of injuries / accident

Applicability within Rolls-Royce

  • Engine assembly operations
  • Quality inspection, MRO operations
  • Warehouse operations

If you would like us to showcase a demonstration at the Rolls-Royce factory, then please get in touch.

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