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Protecting today and unlocking tomorrow

While traditional retail may be in decline, the brave new world of retailing is most certainly not

There’s been an explosion of opportunities to innovate, to create new, exciting and profitable retail environments, using data, insights and digital technology to provide engaging, immersive and personalised shopping experiences for today’s savvy customers.

At Capgemini we help ambitious retailers bring these opportunities to fruition, supporting leadership teams to unite behind a clear vision and roadmap, and to invest in the business capabilities, operating models and digital solutions that unlock innovation and commercial success.

We also know that the speed of the retail revolution – and the need for retailers to stay ahead of the competition – brings major operational and financial challenges, as they strive to evolve their businesses to meet the growing aspirations of customers and shareholders. For many, COVID-19 has multiplied these challenges, simultaneously accelerating the need for investment in innovation and digital transformation, at a time when unprecedented disruption is reducing revenues and making forensic cost control the number one priority.

Capgemini’s philosophy – protecting today while unlocking tomorrow  responds by blending the urgent need for short term savings, with the business imperative to continue to build the technology foundations that will allow retailers to embrace digital innovation at the heart of a new strategic direction and refreshed customer proposition.

Three phase programme cuts costs by up to 50% and enables business agility

Capgemini’s comprehensive three-phase IT cost reduction and modernisation programme delivers a fast response to these pressures, quickly identifying requirements and goals and then highlighting and actioning a host of substantial cost saving opportunities. It not only addresses today’s immediate challenges, but also provides investment focus to help establish the lean, agile and smart technology platform that retailers need to make the most of the new and dynamic retail landscape.

  • Phase 1 Create the headroom for change – by tapping into Capgemini’s proven cost identification, reduction and reallocation methodology, we’ll assess costs and identify a range of cost cutting scenarios, establishing solid foundations and a practical action plan
  • Phase 2 Take control of your landscape – by using Capgemini’s economic application portfolio management (eAPM) toolkit you’ll make benchmarked, streamlined and data-driven decisions. eAPM empowers you to take control of your IT assets, radically improve IT performance and get transformation initiatives moving ahead at pace
  • Phase 3 Deliver new services at speed – by utilising our Application Development and Maintenance (ADMnext) proposition, you’ll access a full stack of  insightful, transformational and adaptive services that drive efficiency and continuous improvement.

And the programme delivers dramatic results, with our methodology assessed and approved by industry analysts and experts, enabling retailers to navigate the turbulent economic conditions and emerge more resilient and agile than ever.

We’re working with a cross-section of global retailers to help control IT costs and plan for the future in this way – and we commit to deliver game-changing cuts in total cost of ownership of between 20 and 50% depending on each organisation’s digital model and maturity.

If you’d like to find out how your business can take control, cut costs and create the IT environment you need to thrive in the retail revolution, please complete the form below to contact us:

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