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Future role of the CISO: Basement or boardroom

Embed security as a business enabler with our security transformation roadmap

The new thought leadership report, Future role of the CISO: Basement or Boardroomdeveloped by IDC and commissioned by Capgemini,  positively shift the perception of security among stakeholders by building on insight gained through 1,000 interviews with IT and business senior leadership across the UK, France, the Netherlands, the US, Germany, Australia, China, India, Japan, and Singapore.

The research highlights how the role of the CISO and the way in which they are perceived by the business is changing. This road map shows how CISOs, business managers, and transformation leaders can build on that change in perception and establish security as a business enabler; it also looks into how Covid-19 presents an opportunity to pull these various business units together under a “trust purpose,” the effect of which will persist in your organisation for a decade.

Based on the research, IDC has identified eight key attributes/themes for the contemporary CISO role as follows:


The road map highlights the inter-relation between each of these attributes and describes how to establish change within your organisation.

To read more about this and the role that each of these leaders has in enabling better cybersecurity you can access the interactive security transformation road map or download the report .

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