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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are several frequently asked questions, broken down into three key categories: Recruitment Criteria, The Application Process and The Accelerate Programme.

Application Process

Can you explain what to expect during the recruitment process?

  • Submit your application form online, upload your CV and answer our screening questions.
  • Take our situational strengths assessment
  • Take part in our digital interview
  • Attend our virtual assessment centre which will include an in depth overview of our business and Programme, a 1:1 interview and a group exercise.

Each stage is conditional on success at the previous one.

Can I receive feedback on each stage of the recruitment process?

We offer telephone feedback to all candidates who attend our assessment centre.  Due to the large numbers of applications, we are unable to provide feedback on earlier stages. We will let you know the outcome of each stage of our process as quickly as possible, often by email, so please check regularly for messages from our recruitment team.

What happens after I have accepted my offer?

After you have accepted your offer the onboarding team will ask you for documents including:

  • Bank details, so we can pay you!
  • A completed medical questionnaire
  • Copies of documents to prove your identity (passport or birth certificate)
  • National Insurance documents
  • Photo for your security pass

Please try to send your documentation to the team as soon as we ask for it, to avoid delays in the onboarding process. It may sound like a lot to do, but don’t worry – the onboarding team will be there to guide you every step of the way and answer any questions.

You will also be contacted by our Security Vetting team who will work with you to get BPSS (Baseline Personnel Security Standard) clearance.  This is not an intrusive process but is an essential requirement to ensure all of our new joiners are able to be assigned to our sensitive client projects.

Do individuals on the Accelerate Programme go through all the Skill Academies or do they only experience one?

All individuals who start the Accelerate Programme go through the same first three months made up of the The Institute. Individuals will then join one of the eight Skill Academies and remain in this Skill Academy for the duration of their journey in the Accelerate Programme.

Does Capgemini Invent accept speculative CVs?

No – please apply for the role you are interested in via our website.

If I am unsuccessful when can I reapply?

You can reapply 12 months after your initial application.

Is it possible to change my intake date?

If you want to change your intake date, this will need to be discussed with the Recruitment Manager to check if this will be possible.  As and when we fill our roles for each intake, the Recruitment team will reach out to you to inform you that your application will be considered for the next available intake.

How can I contact someone from Capgemini recruitment?

If you can’t find the information you need on these pages, please email the Capgemini recruitment team at

Recruitment Criteria

I am an international student – can I apply to Capgemini  Invent’s Accelerate Programme?

Many of our roles require security clearance and therefore you will need to have been resident in the UK for at least five years with no longer than 6 consecutive months outside of the UK.  We also require you to have indefinite leave to remain.

What are the Accelerate Programme entry requirements?

To be eligible to apply for the Capgemini Invent Accelerate Programme you must have:

  • Achieved or are studying to achieve an undergraduate/ integrated master’s degree
  • Permanent Right to Work in the UK
  • Lived in the UK for the past 5 years with no longer than 6 consecutive months residence outside of the UK during this period

We recommend you read the About the Programme section on our website to find the detailed applicant required skills and criteria.

I graduated a few years ago, am I still eligible to apply to the Accelerate Programme? ­

Yes absolutely, please apply!

How do I make you aware of my disability and the adjustments I need to be made during the selection process?

Please include details on your application form. If you would like to speak to someone about your needs please contact

Accelerate Programme

Am I guaranteed a job at the end of the programme?

You join Capgemini Invent on day one as a permanent, full-time employee. Your Capgemini career will continue after the Accelerate Programme ends.

What help will you give me to get started?

You will have a strong support network around you when you join made up of your, Intake Manager, Personal Development Manager, Institute Lead, Institute Facilitators, Project Managers and when you move into Skill Academies you will have exposure to Skill Academy Leads and Capability Leads. In addition, your Accelerate Intake and the graduate community will be available to support you throughout your time on the Accelerate Programme. Your career starts with an induction covering key skills from structuring a presentation to process mapping, reading project charters and conducting financial analysis. You will learn from external speakers and subject matter experts.

Will I always work at my base location?

In order to meet our clients’ needs fully and enable collaborative working, most Capgemini Invent projects are based at client sites. This means you will usually be working away from your base location, with all reasonable expenses paid for whilst you are staying away from home. This is one of the exciting parts of being a management consultant! During the current climate, it is unlikely that consultants will be travelling to the Capgemini office or client sites for the foreseeable future, when this guidance changes, you will be informed.

When do you get to choose/are assigned to an Skill Academy in the Accelerate Programme?­

The Accelerate Programme is a foundation programme for which new individuals can learn the basic consulting skills, ready to be able to land on client site after The Institute period of the Accelerate Programme. When individual’s join the Capgemini Invent Accelerate Programme, they will have visibility of the Skill Academy (which is subject to change) they will be joining which is determined by an individual’s experience, business requirements and skills demonstrated through the application process.  The alignment is usually first shared with you at point of offer, but as previously mentioned is subject to change. If you have the relevant skills and an interest in our Future of Technology or Insight Driven Enterprise Skill Academies, you will be able to apply directly for these areas.

In light of the current climate, what other experience do you value besides traditional work experience within a consultancy firm? ­

  • We’re in such a digital environment, applicants should be utilising online resources to upskill themselves in relation to the Programme.
  • Individuals should keep up to date with industry trends and include their research and passions on their application as well as link their skills with the programme and company.
  • Applicants who have less work experience, should identify modules within their degrees, extracurricular activities, voluntary work, part time work etc. that can be aligned to the Accelerate Programme.
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