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Everest Group PEAK Matrix™ for DevOps Service Providers 2019

Capgemini’s reputation as a world-leading provider of applications services has been reinforced by the latest Everest Group research report, where we’re recognised as a leading provider of DevOps services.

The respected industry analyst firm cites Capgemini’s “well-articulated DevOps vision encompassing organisational design, culture, architecture, process, and automation” as well as our “wide range of DevOps solutions – developed internally and offered through partnerships” as just two of the reasons why we have been positioned in the Leaders category. They also noted that these solutions and partnerships “cater to unique enterprise demands across low to high levels of DevOps maturity.”

Everest Group defines Leaders as those that exhibit a strong focus on enabling a DevOps culture and change management within an organisation, along with actively moving away from a siloed construct towards a collaborative environment between developers, operations, and business teams to drive business outcomes.

To find out more about why we’ve been named as a leading provider of DevOps services – and what our solutions can do for your business – download your complimentary copy of the “PEAK Matrix™ for DevOps Service Providers 2019” from Everest Group.

Everest PEAK Matrix - DevOps Services 2019
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