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Capgemini commerce : Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities

For today’s online retailers, the seismic shifts in consumer behaviour prompted by the global health and economic crisis have produced both huge challenges and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

The entire online retailing environment has been turbocharged, creating ripple effects that are impacting different businesses in diverse ways.  The explosion in online activity is providing new ways to forge deeper, closer, more personalised and longer-lasting relationships with customers, increasing cross-selling, sales conversion rates and overall revenue volumes in the process.

Your partner of choice for Commerce We’re a proven global Commerce partner, responsible for more than 500 successful Commerce commissions, for global brands and smaller enterprises too. With have more than 2000 certified global Commerce specialists, we distil vast experience and expertise from diverse business sectors and geographies, for the benefit of each individual commission. We’re at the forefront of composable, headless Commerce
technology, tools and accelerators, enabling teams to
select and assemble best of breed solutions to satisfy unique business requirements. Capgemini can offer
a complete, end-to-end Commerce journey, from strategy to execution, and everything in between. Alliances with the world’s best We’ve built global partnerships with the world’s leading Commerce solution providers: Salesforce – we’re the world’s number one Commerce Cloud global partner.
SAP – we’re one of SAP’s top three global Commerce partners.
Commerce tools – we’re a global partner of the world leader in headless technologies.

And a great online experience can be used to complement and strengthen a retailer’s High Street presence too, creating a seamless, interconnected and mutually supportive brand presentation and operating model, with integrated online, bricks and mortar and logistics operations working in harmony.

Capitalise on the online retailing revolution now, with Capgemini Commerce.

Maximising the value and performance of a retailer’s online assets requires a diverse range of interconnected skills and experience.

It needs leadership, strategic direction and a commitment to innovation, forensic understanding of online retailing technology and systems, and sophisticated project management expertise, to deliver transformational change at scale and pace.

The rewards for a successful deployment are substantial, but there are risks which need management and mitigation. Selecting the right partner with the right mix of skills for your Commerce journey is vital for business success.

Whether you need strategic counsel, technical expertise and retail capability throughout the end-to-end online retailing environment, Capgemini Commerce is a global leader, capable of supporting you to deliver part or all of your requirements, and adding value, now and for the future.

We help to accelerate new propositions, bring innovative services to market and integrate all the core components of your business – sales, marketing, customer service and operations. We define new operating models and cohesive omni-channel strategies, design and deliver agile, cutting edge technology platforms, to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and deliver performance improvements.

Our global track record Capgemini delivers market-leading Commerce solutions for global brands and smaller enterprises too. For example: Fila – a new, highly personalised and immersive online brand experience. Hibbert Sports – a new, fully integrated site delivered 8% of total revenues within 90 days. Hotel Chocolat – a new digital experience is delivering a sales conversion rate of 16%. Major UK grocer – Salesforce implementation enables online revenue growth of 680%.

And as online retailers build their inhouse teams to reduce risk and take advantage of the speed and flexibility offered by today’s technology, Capgemini supports its clients with powerful strategic partnerships with the world’s leading commerce solution providers, and by filling skills gaps, providing skills training programmes and contributing to recruitment activities.

Modernise your customer experience architecture for flexibility, speed and autonomy.

Delivering targeted, personalised customer experiences requires flexibility. Retailers need to be able to reconfigure business structures and capabilities at speed, to meet both customer and employee needs.

This requires a new experience infrastructure and a modern API and microservices based architecture, allowing businesses to test and learn at the application and solution level and then quickly customize those capabilities and spin them out across multiple channels.

With a headless, composable or microservices architecture, retailers can quickly and easily add any channel or application to a platform, so no matter how or where a customer connects —through desktop, mobile device, a kiosk or in-person —they receive a personalized, relevant and frictionless experience that accompanies them throughout their journey.

To ensure the frontend experience is consistent across all channels and devices requires decoupling the frontend from the backend. However, expectations are evolving faster than some legacy commerce and customer experience technology can currently respond — preventing some retail organisations from responding to constantly evolving customer experience expectations.

Capgemini can help you to design and build the commerce platform architecture best suited to your business, your strategic objectives and the needs of your customers. The results are mouth-watering, including a comprehensive, 360-degree view of customers, enabling powerful experiences that inform and delight, reductions in operational costs and repeatable, scalable processes.

Collaboration and innovation is in our DNA

Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) is a global network and a rich and diverse ecosystem that delivers a high-performance innovation engagement experience through a portfolio of more than 20 distinct services that span the breadth of the applied innovation process. The AIE drives tangible business outcomes by applying innovation in ways that are meaningful to the business and able to drive tangible value and competitive edge.

Meanwhile, more than a third of FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 businesses use our Accelerated Solutions Environments, to bring global experts together to solve complex business challenges at high speed.

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