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Capgemini and SAP invite you to this exclusive event, “Redefining the employee experience for a hybrid workforce.”

26 May | 2pm BST

The Scalpel, 52 Lime St, London EC3M 7AF

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The afternoon session focuses on a hugely relevant topic that I know you’d be interested to learn more about: how can organisations focus on employee value to retain their top talent and be able to attract the best candidates?

There is no doubt that the pandemic has had an impact on all industries. Some employees have felt compelled to hold onto their jobs, whilst others being tempted to look for new roles or completely change their career.

In a recent study, 49% of HR Leaders from across multiple industries said talent attraction and retention was their top priority for the next 18-24 months, and their second priority was digitalization of the workforce. Organisations need to be even more focused on employee value to retain their top talent and be able to attract the best candidates

In a culture of a gig economy, changing skillsets, continual learning and focus on wellbeing, employees expect job searching, learning, onboarding, career development all to be available on-demand and in response, businesses need to be able to find ways to communicate, connect and engage transparently with an ever increasingly diverse workforce

A key enabler to help manage a hybrid workforce it to leverage technology and create an ideal workplace that supports people where they are, driving greater harmonisation between work and life and enabling them to engage with what’s important to them.

Here’s what you can expect from the event:

  • Hear about how Capgemini are changing the way they are engaging their employees by transforming their HR function and focussing on employee experience
  • Listen to Michael Esau and Donald Ross from SAP talk about trends in the market that are impacting on employee experience
  • Hear from the Global Head of Employee Experience from Philip Morris International who will be talking through adapting the hybrid working policy to suit employee requirements
  • A great opportunity to network with like-minded HR Professionals from different sectors and discuss about how they are tackling the challenges that a hybrid workforce brings
  • A chance to look at new and innovative technology that is helping organisations change the way they are engaging with their employees
  • Light refreshments will be available during registration and event will close with networking drinks

Places are limited, so be sure to register your interest as soon as possible

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