Re-Inventing Retail: The Capgemini retail podcast

Welcome to our Re-Inventing Retail podcast. Our experts will be keeping you up to date with all of the latest news from UK retailers, as well as reviewing the latest retail trends and technology breakthroughs. We hope you find the podcast insightful, and if you want to speak to us on any of the topics, please get in touch.

Tuning into our podcast is easy, simply click the link to listen via SoundCloud.

Episode 7: Revolutionising Retail Market Insight

In this episode of the Re-Inventing Retail podcast, host Raj Ganatra is joined by Capgemini retail insight and technology experts Lucy Gibbs and Giles Cuthbert, alongside the Director of Data from online retail association IMRG Matthew Walsh, to learn more about the future of digital dashboarding for online retail benchmarks. We investigate how retailers can benchmark themselves against competitors, but also drive further data and insights through this.

Episode 6: Leading with the future of digital demand forecasting

In this episode of the Re-Inventing Retail podcast, host Raj Ganatra is joined by Capgemini retail experts in Demand Planning & Retail Operations Chris Long and Gabby Thomlinson, alongside Blue Yonder experts Wayne Snyder and Stuart Douglas – experts in Retail strategy and AI solutions. We discuss the future of demand forecasting and the challenges that the COVID pandemic has had on the ability of retailers to predict which products and what quantities customers would like to buy.

Episode 5: The Importance of the Circular Economy

In this month’s podcast, we look at retailers and the circular economy. The conversation around the circular economy is growing and it is becoming increasingly clear that if not adopted, an organisation cannot truly be sustainable. Our host, Sara Al-Tai discusses what makes the circular economy so important and how retailers can successfully adopt this way of being. She is joined by Capgemini retail and sustainability experts Mark Childs, Natalia Skaloud and Sara Moubarak.

Episode 4: Rebounding from COVID-19

In this month’s podcast, we look at some of the activities retailers will be focussing on as they look to rebound from the global COVID-19 pandemic. Raj Ganatra, our host this month, discusses how retailers will be planning for the restart, and how they will reopen their stores effectively after a period of closure for many non-essential retailers. He is joined by Capgemini retail experts; Holly Nurse, Yota Pavlou and Nick Hoenig.

Episode 3: Action for Children and Pop-up store innovation

In our December edition of Re-inventing retail, we are joined by Action for Children to discuss their London Christmas pop-up store, powered by Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange. Hosted by Raj Ganatra, Sanjay Nand, Michael Atkins and Laura Botsford look at the benefits and impacts to retailers of concept stores and how they can be used to engage and interact with consumers. We also discuss the importance of personalising the shopping experience and providing product recommendations to consumers to guide their experience.

Episode 2: Conversational Interfaces

In this month’s podcast we discuss the effect of Conversational Interfaces on the customer journey and operations, based on insights from the report, published by the Capgemini Research Institute. Sophia Ambrono, our host this month discusses the benefits, challenges and the future of conversational interfaces with Andrew Smith, from our Customer Engagement team and Nick Graham, from the Retail Supply Chain Team for his perspective on retail operations.

Episode 1: Sustainability in Fast Fashion

In the first episode of our Re-Inventing Retail podcast, some of our sustainability and retail consultants Raj Ganatra, Harry Ashman and Lucy Herriot discuss where the recent focus on sustainability has come from, innovative initiatives by retailers and what the future of sustainability in fast fashion may look like.