The following hints and tips will help you to make the most of your presentation slot within the application process.

Plan your presentation. Remember you’ll be presenting to someone who has seen probably thousands of presentations over their career so won’t be easy to impress.

Practise makes perfect. If you get the chance, practise and get some feedback from friends and family.

Speak clearly, make eye contact and be aware of your body language.

Structure. You should have an introduction, middle and end that summarises your main points.

Tell a story. People will always remember the story over the list of facts but always support ideas and themes with anecdotes, examples and statistics.

Adapt to the audience. Is it to an experienced manager or consultant? Are you being assessed on your ability to present or to analyse data or communicate a key message? Or all of the above?

Use humour appropriately.

Keep to time. Bear in mind that your nerves can speed you up or slow you down on the day. A 20 minute presentation usually becomes 15 in practice. Allow five minutes for questions and answers!

Presentations came before PowerPoint. Slides are used to support a presentation not to be the presentation. It should be all about you and how you communicate during the presentation, not fancy slides.