DNAfit’s mission is to improve the health and wellness outlook for millions of people.

Our goal is to help people understand which foods they need to perform at their best, how to exercise efficiency and how to manage stress.

We examine genetic markers relating to fitness, nutrition and wellbeing, with our team of wellness professionals providing expert guidance along the way.

DNAfit as an award winning business held to the highest scientific standards. We are one of the only consumer genetics companies to invest in and publish our own research.

 Health Fit is our flagship product.

Health Fit lets people finely their diet, exercise and lifestyle choices with the most granular DNA test on the market. A DNA test is just beginning, with consultations from our wellness team, they can get a complete physical and mental makeover.

Health Fit includes:

  • 15 in-depth and easy to use genetic insights to help you personalise your diet
  • 5 reports to help you optimise your approach to exercise
  • 5 reports sleep and stress, and how to drive overall well-being
  • 2 phone consultations, one with a dietician and one with a sports scientist
  • Access to our online meal planning and training platforms