Our programme focuses on three areas, environmental sustainability, people culture, community engagement and is underpinned by our corporate values and ethics.

Our Vision


To enable a positive future for planet, people and communities.


“In today’s unpredictable business environment with the rapid acceleration of technology, the need for responsible business practices is more critical than ever. We believe that Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability delivers added value to our stakeholders – clients, employees, shareholders, investors, suppliers, business partners, the communities in which we operate and the environment. Our vision is to be leaders in sustainable excellence through a bold and influential approach, positively impacting Capgemini’s future, our clients, society and the planet.”

James Robey
VP, Group head of corporate sustainability


Our programme focuses in three key areas underpinned by our corporate values and ethics:

Environmental Sustainability
  We work to ensure we are resource efficient and reduce our impacts against ambitious science-based targets. Our biggest impact is the difference we can make through working with our clients. We inspire behaviour change in our people and influence the actions of our supply chain.


People Culture:
 People are at the heart of our business and we focus on the professional development and wellbeing of all our team members. The factors that make people different are a source of innovation and creativity and help us in our thought leadership, to generate new ideas and anticipate market trends.


Community Engagement: We are committed to tackling the skills gap in the UK by supporting and inspiring people from diverse backgrounds to realise their potential – and in so doing, secure the future of our business and benefit our client’s, society and the economy as a whole.  Our skills programme focuses on digital inclusion, gender and diversity. We’re a people business and our community work helps our own skills development, team building and motivation for our people.

Values & Ethics:
 Our culture and business practices are inspired by our seven core values: Honesty, Boldness, Trust, Freedom, Team Spirit, Modesty and Fun. Our commitment to act in an ethical and responsible way builds trust and ensures the continued success of our business.


Our approach is driven by our UK CEOs and senior executives who make up our CR&S board. CR&S is embedded across the business, in recruitment, training, marketing and procurement – and through the introduction of new CR&S performance targets for our senior leaders.


“Since its inception Capgemini has been a company which fully embraces its responsibility to act in an ethical, responsible and sustainable way. As the chair of the UK CR&S Board it is my privilege to continue driving the CR&S agenda forward, integrating it deeper into the core practice of our company in order to leave a positive impact for our clients, people and the environment.” 

Paul Margetts,
CEO Apps UK & Chair of UK CR&S Board


Established in 2007, Capgemini UK’s CR&S Board continues to provide the overall governance for our CR&S Programme. The Board comprises chief executive officers (CEOs) and other senior executives from our key strategic business units. At the beginning of 2017, Capgemini UK Chairman Christine Hodgson was appointed to the Group Executive Committee, to represent the CR&S agenda. This move will help drive forward the CR&S agenda at a global level. Christine is succeeded by Paul Margetts, CEO of Apps UK. Under Paul’s guidance, in 2015 we formally established three key steering groups for our programmes. These are governed by the Board and drive forward the CR&S agenda at an operational level.

In addition, the UK CR&S Programme is aligned with a number of global networks:

  • the Ethics & Compliance Officers’ network, reporting to the Group Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer;
  • the Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Leadership network, comprising CR&S professionals from across the Group;and
  • the global client-facing Sustainability network, focusing on embedding sustainability into client service offerings.

“For Capgemini, the principles of corporate responsibility and sustainability go far beyond legal compliance and philanthropy. They are no longer specialist or peripheral activities, but real requirements for all parts of our organisation.” 

Paul Hermelin,
Group Chairman and CEO



Understanding what sustainability means to different stakeholders within our value chain is essential to ensuring that we continue to focus on the areas that matter. We have completed a Materiality Assessment for Capgemini Group, conducting interviews with our people, clients and investors to find out what they believe our most material issues are.

The above matrix illustrates the level of importance attributed to different CR&S aspects by internal and external stakeholders. Material aspects are positioned in the matrix above, based upon the views of external stakeholders (for the Y axis positioning) and internal stakeholders (for the X axis positioning). The findings of this assessment process are used to drive our CR&S agenda forward and ensure that our strategy remains robust and relevant to all of our stakeholders. They also help define our approach to sustainability reporting. We will continue to review and reassess the matrix as our business evolves.

Networks and associations

Capgemini has an active network programme to share and learn through collective industry experience. Our main networks include:
We are members of Forum for the Future – an independent non-profit working globally with business, government and other organisations to solve complex sustainability challenges. In partnership with other industry leading companies, we’ve been exploring what it means to be an organisation whose positive impacts outweigh its negative ones – Net Positive.


We are active members of Business in the Community (BITC) and participate in industry and business events. Our UK Chairman, Christine Hodgson sits on BITC’s Employment and Skills Leadership Team.


Our UK Chairman, Christine Hodgson chairs the Careers & Enterprise Company, which is an umbrella business organisation with the aim to help inspire and prepare young people for the world of work.


We are represented in several industry skills bodies such as the Tech Partnership. And we work with many charity partners including The Prince’s Trust.

Our Tax Strategy

Capgemini UK’s tax strategy is positioned within a strong commitment to being a responsible business. The tax function engages with our stakeholders to provide internal education around tax and promote the need to take compliant business decisions. Our UK strategy document details how the tax function does this, and how the strategy is implemented across the UK business.

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