Employee actions for a sustainable future

We are all Architects of Positive Futures

Since its inception, Capgemini’s Environmental Sustainability programme has been anchored in the belief that making a positive impact requires collective action of our people. Today more than ever, we all need to take action to reduce our carbon footprint – and of course, use our expertise to help our clients with their sustainability challenges.

This page showcases the passion and commitment of some of our people.

Moniek van der Liende

I am a business analyst in the Netherlands specialising in innovation and retail.

Innovation and sustainability are my twin passions. I work with our internal Sustainability Community and our catering staff in our Capgemini office in Utrecht  to help reduce food waste, minimise use of single-use plastic and help our community become more aware of sustainable solutions. I believe by avoiding food waste, we meet two goals – work towards better food security for all and reduce greenhouse gases.

Ambarish Mirajkar

I am a subject matter expert for Governance Risk and Compliance in India.

Carpooling to work everyday is one of the best decisions I have made. I have saved costs, expanded my peer group and importantly, I have cut down on my carbon footprint. I love doing the right thing.

Jack Sawyer

I am a consultant in North America focusing on the future of technology.

I identify opportunities to engage with our clients on their sustainability challenges and create sustainable approaches. In doing this, I apply my knowledge and skills to have a far reaching positive impact.


I am a human resources executive in Portugal.

I consciously refuse plastic with every purchase I make – from groceries to personal hygiene products. I am also mindful of every product I consume – organic, natural is my way. I believe even small efforts go a long way.

Julian Peters

I am a group account executive and a sponsor of the UK’s Virtual Collaboration programme.

I have first hand experience of the benefits of collaborating virtually – cost savings, better engagement that saves time and reduces travel carbon emissions. I take it as a personal responsibility to convert the uninitiated into this way of working. Not only have we driven virtual thinking and collaborating within the account, but we have also driven this into our customers too who have seen significant benefit to working with us and their own teams.

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