Environmental Sustainability

Our sustainable transformation: we will become a net zero business and be carbon neutral by 2025.

We are committed to becoming a net zero business with science-based targets and are on track to becoming carbon-neutral no later than 2025.


“I have put acting on climate change at the heart of our Group priorities.” – Capgemini’s Chief Executive Officer, Aiman Ezzat

Reducing our own environmental impacts

2020/2021 review of our first year on our road to net zero

In July 2020, we announced a strengthened commitment to sustainability with a new ambition to...

Energising a sustainable future on our road to net zero

It’s been almost a year since we made our commitment to become a net zero business by 2030....

Plastic pioneers

If everyone makes a small, individual contribution, we can change things

Our ten-year countdown to net zero has begun

Capgemini will become a net zero business by 2030, achieving carbon neutrality no later than...

Energy – how we reduce energy demand and consumption

Thinking differently about energy in all aspects of our office and data center operations

Road to net zero – sustainable travel in a post-COVID world

As a global organisation, travel has always been part of what we do. It is also one of the...

Management & Performance

Policy and Strategy Documents

We have robust approach to business ethics and governance which shapes the way we work.

Monitoring and Managing Our Data

Our sustainability program is underpinned with a comprehensive data set comprising of 10...

Our Environmental Sustainability Reports

Each year we produce a Group Environmental Sustainability Report providing a transparent...

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