Environment Agency partners with Capgemini for a green IT contract

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The Environment Agency has chosen Capgemini to provide the partial outsourcing
of IT services under a new seven year IT service contract which aims to be the
greenest in government. It should see the Environment Agency reduce IT carbon
emissions by around 50 percent within the next few years.

Environmental considerations have been the core of the design of the service
– from the production and transportation of hardware, to energy savings for each
end-user. Further green measures will include reduction, reuse and recycling of
hardware, while all disposals will be done under strict Waste Electrical and Electronic
Equipment (WEEE) regulations. It is the first time that such a comprehensive set
of green measures has been formally set within a U.K. IT contract. It is widely
accepted that IT usage globally contributes to two percent of the total carbon
dioxide emissions, equivalent to that usually attributed to aviation. For these
reasons, the Environment Agency has contracted with Capgemini to ensure that this
service can be reused by Government and other public sector organisations.

In designing a framework with environmental measures built in from the outset,
such as equipment purchase, its delivery and use on the desk, through to its ultimate
disposal, the total cost of IT purchase and operation should be reduced.  The result is that public sector organisations and businesses can not only improve
their environmental performance, but also can make long-term cost savings.     

Graham Ledward, Director of Resources at the Environment Agency said: “This contract not only aims to exceed the Government’s sustainable IT targets,
it also sets a high standard for environmental performance which we hope that
other public sector organisations and businesses would wish to reflect.

Ledward continued, “The real message of success is that a green IT contract can be frugal, cost-effective
and environmentally beneficial.  The Environment Agency is not only reducing its carbon emissions, it’s also
saving money in the long term. We will effectively do more for less.

Christine Hodgson, Vice President and member of the Capgemini Group Executive
, said: “We are proud to have won this important contract on the strength of the value
of our proposition to the Environment Agency and our commitment to sustainable
IT. We believe this contract should become a benchmark that will shape and influence
how other organizations in the public and private sectors adopt sustainable IT
as a business benefit, and that where the Environment Agency has led, others will
inevitably follow.

With much of the Environment Agency’s existing IT provision reaching the end
of its useful lifecycle, this contract means that the organization will be more
efficient and flexible in meeting its future challenges. This will underpin the
delivery of the Environment Agency’s ambitious new Corporate Strategy 2010-2015,
which was unveiled on Tuesday (10 November 2009).

Notes to Editors

Details of the service

This is a full Infrastructure and Application Management Outsource with the exception
of Applications Development. There are some 300 plus staff in-scope and the outsource
covers critical applications such as Flood Warning and Waste Management.

Included in scope are Hosting services, Application Operations and Maintenance,
Service Desk, Desk Side Support, Network Services and several cross functional
services such as Disaster Recovery, Governance, Security, 3rd Party Management,
Project and Service Delivery Management, and Quality.

About the Environment Agency

The Environment Agency is an Executive Non-departmental Public Body responsible
to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and an Assembly
Sponsored Public Body responsible to the National Assembly for Wales.

The Environment Agency’s aims are to protect and improve the environment, and
to promote sustainable development. The Environment Agency plays a central role
in delivering the environmental priorities of central government and the Welsh
Assembly Government through its functions and roles.

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