HMRC and Capgemini strengthen their partnership with revised Aspire IT agreement

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Author: Massimo Ippoliti

Following five years of successful service and programme delivery, HM Revenue
& Customs (HMRC) – the UK’s tax authority – has committed to channel all core external IT spend through the
Aspire contract, HMRC’s contract with Capgemini – via its subsidiary Capgemini UK plc
– and major subcontractors Fujitsu and Accenture, for the provision of IT services,
which runs until 2017.

In return, the revised agreement will enable HMRC to reduce its IT running costs.
A transformation program has been established to implement standardised systems
with common industry components, and investment in modern, more flexible, technologies
to better meet the needs of HMRC’s integrated organisation and drive cost savings,
which will be realised from financial year 2011/12. Under the revised Aspire agreement,
Capgemini, Fujitsu and Accenture have committed to save £110 million a year for
HMRC, in addition to the £70 million per annum savings committed in 2007.

The service providers under the Aspire agreement have been granted exclusivity
on all project delivery for HMRC until April 2013, with a minimum revenue commitment
on project work thereafter in addition to exclusivity on data centre services
delivered through the subcontract with Fujitsu until 2015. The existing desktop
service has also been extended, whereby Capgemini will act as HMRC’s procurement
agent in respect of office IT equipment and consumables, which will enable Capgemini
to deliver an improved end user experience for HMRC employees.

 Lesley Strathie, Chief Executive, Permanent Secretary for HMRC said: “HMRC and Capgemini have worked together to achieve outstanding savings for the
Department. This is just one of the ways HMRC will be reducing operating costs
and it signals the intent to bring IT costs down as announced in the 2009 Budget

Nigel Martin, CEO, Capgemini Aspire said: “The latest change to the Aspire contract has been made possible by collaboration
both with HMRC and Capgemini’s Aspire partners particularly Fujitsu, our core
infrastructure partner, and Accenture. Together we’re helping HMRC respond to
a challenging environment and our flexible contract is continuing to set the standard
for all outsourcing arrangements 5 years after it was first signed. The new agreement
would not have been possible without our track record of reliable service and
up to 200 projects delivered on time and within budget for HMRC each and every

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Notes to editors:

1. HM Revenue & Customs is responsible for the collection of UK taxes, ensuring
the correct amount of tax is paid at the right time, as well as administering
the payment of benefits and credits to customers who need them

2. Aspire is HMRC’s contract with Capgemini for the provision of IT services.
The contract is primed by Capgemini and includes core subcontractors Fujitsu,
Accenture and BT as well as Ecosystem partners

3. The latest development of the Aspire agreement follows a series of amendments
to the original contract with the Inland Revenue which started in 2004. Aspire
was expanded in 2006 to include HM Customs & Excise, and in late 2007 it was
extended by three years, to 2017 and included some new pricing arrangements. 


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