Glasgow City Council is set to improve its Council Tax collection from 2008 following
an in-depth review of all its Council Tax processes carried out in collaboration
with Capgemini Consulting, the consultancy arm of Capgemini UK plc, and building
on the extensive work already carried out by the Council in this area.

The eight-week review was carried out by a joint team comprising five Council
staff matched by an equal number of consultants from Capgemini. The team identified
54 process improvements which they built into a blueprint for implementation and
which will, says the Council,  improve council tax collection rates and reduce
costs by eliminating duplication and cutting red tape.

Lynn Brown, Finance Director at Glasgow City Council, said: ‘The success of this project shows what can be achieved when the public and private sectors pool their expertise,
as we have done to great effect with Capgemini.’

The joint team combined Council expertise in Council Tax and Council Tax benefits
legislation and administration with Capgemini’s knowledge of financial process
modelling, change management and stakeholder communications to devise new financial
control mechanisms, develop customer segmentation, and introduce improved administrative 
procedures. As a result the Council is planning an annual  2% increase in its
council tax collection rates from 2008 and an efficiency saving in administration
of over £200,000 per annum.

Janice Timoney, Programme Manager at Glasgow City Council, said:‘Following our collaboration with Capgemini we are now confident that we will
achieve significant measurable improvements in the Council’s financial performance
from this year and a better service to our customers. Equally important, the skills
transfer from Capgemini to our staff will play a part in helping us deliver ongoing
year-on-year improvements beyond 2008.’

The Council says that the ongoing financial benefits arising from the project
will be used to improve front-line services.

Alison Goldie, Business Development Manager at Capgemini in Scotland, said: ‘Glasgow City Council embarked on this important review with high ambitions and
an open mind. If other local authorities can do the same then the benefits across
the UK public sector could be immense.’

Capgemini was selected for the project against competitive bids on the quality
of its proposals and its proven track record in local government, including a
successful recent overhaul of procurement activities at Glasgow City Council.
The Council Tax project cost the Council £141,000 in consultancy fees to Capgemini
with the project being delivered on time and on budget.

Neil MacLean, Head of Consulting, Scotland at Capgemini, said: ‘The success of this project reaffirms the effectiveness of the collaborative
style of working which is one of Capgemini’s greatest strengths.’


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