Sogeti UK ltd (Sogeti), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Capgemini Group, is
launching a new independent IT testing service aimed at resolving the problems
of major IT projects that fail to deliver the benefits expected or exceed their
planned budgets or timescales. Sogeti sees its mission as ending IT failures in
all sectors of the UK economy, including high-profile public sector projects.

The service will span the complete life-cycle of IT programmes, from testing
the achievability of strategic objectives and the feasibility of specified requirements,
through to detailed testing of system modules, integration testing, user acceptance
testing and operational and performance testing.

Capgemini UK plc, a company belonging to the Capgemini Group, is supporting the
new offering with a major investment in staffing, skills and technology. More
than 60 of the most highly qualified and experienced testing professionals are
being deployed to collaborate with this new Sogeti testing services initiative
from the beginning of 2007.

James Greaves, leading the joint initiative said, “Skimping on testing is a major
contributor to project failures and cost over runs and has proven time and again
to be a disastrous false economy. We are offering a realistic way to minimise
the risk of failure with a service that is independent, professional, rigorous,
comprehensive, focussed 100% on testing, business-driven and results-driven, and
based on a proven methodology.”

He added that he intends to win 10% of the UK testing services market – estimated
to be worth £260 million per annum (Source: Ovum research, December 2006) – by
the end of 2008.

”We will offer testing services for programmes undertaken by all the major IT
companies operating in the UK market – including, obviously, Capgemini – and for
programmes undertaken by in-house IT teams,” Greaves said. “Through our risk and
results driven approach, we will help the business side of IT projects to confirm
what they want and ensure that they get the quality they need in the time and
for the costs that are acceptable.”

The new testing services are based on TMap® Next, the latest version of the TMap®
methodology developed by Sogeti in Holland which has become the market-leading
test methodology across Benelux. It is also widely used in the public and private
sectors in the USA, France, Germany, the UK and other parts of mainland Europe.
TMap® Next comprises a flexible toolkit of manual and automated testing techniques
as well as methods to determine the elements of a system or programme that need
to be tested. TMap® has proven to be equally suitable for programmes involving
packaged or bespoke software, and for Service-Orientated Architecture (SOA) projects
that typically involve integration of several hardware, software and networking

Hans van Waayenburg, CEO, Sogeti Europe, said: ”It is clear that the UK is suffering
from the absence until now of precisely the kind of IT testing service that we
are launching – one that is comprehensive, professional and backed by the global
expertise and resources of a world leader.  I am therefore confident that Sogeti
will quickly achieve the same success in the UK that it has won in mainland Europe
and supply a much needed demand.”

Sogeti teams will provide testing services based on-site at client locations
and supported by resources both onshore and offshore, including Mumbai, to deliver
the optimum combination of quality and affordability.

”The bottom line,“ said James Greaves, ”will be a massive increase in success
rates for major IT projects and a massive decrease in newspaper headlines about
IT disasters.”


Notes for Editors

TPI and TMap are trade marks by SOGETI. For more information, visit the site

About Sogeti

Sogeti UK was founded in July 2006 as part of the international Capgemini Group.
Sogeti (wholly owned subsidiary of the Capgemini Group), leader in IT services
and R&D outsourcing, offers a range of local professional services in High
Tech Consulting and Information Technology for large companies through these three
complementary areas:

–       High Tech or High Tech Consulting

Outsourcing Research and Development and Innovation Advice.

Scientific and technical research and developments, mechanical design, development
of complex systems.

–       Application Services or systems integration

From the conception to the maintenance of the information system: consulting,
architecture, contracting owner’s assistance, development, integration, testing
and maintenance of application assets.

–       Infrastructure Services or integration management and systems administration

From the integration of technical infrastructures to the implementation of the
IT system: consulting, technical architecture, engineering, integration, installation
and administration of systems and networks, implementation management and user

In total, Sogeti has more than 16,000 professionals.

About testing

Sogeti testing solution is the world-renowned Test Management Approach (TMap®),
the company’s methodology for structured software testing. This methodology, built
on Sogeti’s global experience and expertise, is designed to address the key issues
of quality, time and cost. Flexible by design, TMap® offers a complete and consistent
approach, which is suitable for all types of organizations, of varying size, and
can be adapted for use in different situations from testing web applications to
applications developed using iterative development methodologies. Complementing
the TMap® approach is Sogeti’s Test Process Improvement (TPI®) model, a methodology
for reviewing and improving the entire test process.

Sogeti operates in France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands,
Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Sogeti works with some of the world’s leading organisations – see the Sogeti web site for more details.

About Capgemini

Capgemini UK plc, another Capgemini Group company, one of the world’s foremost
providers of Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing services, enables its clients
to transform and perform through technologies. Capgemini provides its clients
with insights and capabilities that boost their freedom to achieve superior results
through a unique way of working, which it calls the Collaborative Business Experience.
Capgemini reported 2006 global revenues of 7.7 billion EUR and employs approximately
75,000 people worldwide. More information is available at