New secure communications services to support the UK’s Defence Diplomacy Mission
have been provided to Ministry of Defence staff worldwide following successful
trials by the MoD of a solution designed, developed and operated by Capgemini
UK plc (Capgemini).

Known as DD DECS (Defence Diplomacy, Defence Electronic Commerce Service), the
new services have been installed at British embassies in 120 countries in a global
rollout programme which has now been completed.

Some 500 main users include the MoD’s 150 Defence Attaches around the world,
their support staffs and MoD HQ staff in London. The new e-services support the
Defence Diplomacy Mission whose stated purpose is:

‘To provide forces to meet the varied activities undertaken by the MoD to dispel
hostility, build and maintain trust and assist in the development of democratically
accountable armed forces, thereby making a significant contribution to conflict
prevention and resolution.’

DD DECS enables the Defence Attaches to function as a worldwide ‘virtual community’,
sharing plans, communications, work programmes and documents in a secure environment.
The new e-services also include an International Defence Training (IDT) database
to support the MoD’s extensive activities in providing training for the armed
forces of Britain’s allies and partners around the world.

The new communications facilities are designed to boost the effectiveness of
the whole Defence Diplomacy Mission by enabling Defence Attaches to share knowledge
and expertise with one another, to work as a team despite their geographical separation,
and to work more efficiently and productively, with faster and easier access to
the information they need.

The new services are based on the MoD’s existing DECS technology platform which
was initially used mainly for e-Procurement and which is provided under a long-term
contract from a Capgemini secure data centre in the UK. The DD DECS facilities
are the latest of several defence services, known collectively as the Defence
Collaboration Programme (DCP), designed jointly by the MoD and Capgemini and based
upon the DECS platform.

Cliff Evans, Head of Defence Sector at Capgemini, said: ‘We were delighted to
work with the MoD to develop the concepts and designs for DD DECS, and with the
success of the global rollout.’

The design of DD DECS, which incorporates the latest Microsoft SharePoint Server™
technology, was completed on schedule and within budget following a six-month
development programme involving close collaboration between the Capgemini team
and MoD officials.

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