A survey from Capgemini UK plc shows that around two thirds of UK organisations
could well miss out on the benefits of SOA

Around two-thirds (64%) of UK organisations have not adopted the concepts of
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), despite the surge in interest. Similarly
58% of UK companies have no plans to increase collaboration between themselves,
their customers, their suppliers and other trading partners to benefit from the
advantages of SOA.

Conversely a similar survey by Capgemini in the United States last month found
that 82% of surveyed firms from the US and Europe plan on taking advantage of

James Greaves, a Director of SOA Solutions at Capgemini said:

“Given the complexity of this whole area in general, it is understandable that
getting the benefits of SOA adopted within organisations may well prove to be

“The difficulties of business and IT effectively working together are well documented
but this is particularly challenging when new technological approaches emerge.
With SOA, a further risk is present: without a positive stance organisations may
find that the hundreds of applications today become the thousands of services
of tomorrow, with TCO and risk spiralling out of control.

“Capgemini has many years’ experience of IT architecture, design and implementation
of service oriented solutions and we have learned that in order to glean the benefits
of a services approach, a clear structure – or an ‘integrated architecture’ –
is needed to articulate business capabilities in terms of services and aligning
these with IT applications. Furthermore, new approaches are needed to ensure services
can be effectively delivered into a business.”

The survey, carried out by Capgemini UK plc at the UK Oracle User Group 2005
Conference & Exhibition also found that there is optimism on IT budgets for
2006, with 84% of organisations believing that their organisations will spend
at least the same if not more on IT next year compared to 2005.

Capgemini’s Greaves added:

“SOA can provide organisations with the opportunity to benefit from changing
their business processes to increase internal collaboration, as well as collaboration
with its customers, suppliers and trading partners. These benefits are more easily
attained if organisations turn themselves into Service Oriented Enterprises and
aim to approach the whole change programme in a business prioritised and incremental

Capgemini UK plc surveyed 200 IT professionals at the Oracle User Group UK Conference
& Exhibition in Birmingham, UK, 31 October–2 November 2005.

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