Working in collaboration with the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, Capgemini
UK plc has completed a multi-million pound assignment to produce the business
design and detailed IT blueprint for the national Supporting People Programme.
The Programme will improve housing-related support services for vulnerable people
including the elderly, ex-offenders, victims of domestic violence, teenage parents
and people with learning disabilities.

Over three years, Capgemini provided a full range of services, including consultancy,
systems architecture and applications management, working with the ODPM, 150 local
authorities across England, specialised support agencies and other stakeholders.

In their role as principal IT partners, Capgemini defined national system functional
and data standards which allowed the ODPM to see the full picture of SP service
provision and assure value for money across the country.

To support ODPM’s open and consultative approach to the Programme, Capgemini
developed an internet-based knowledge portal (, which was a
key enabler to healthy interaction between the various stakeholder groups.

Prior to the successful launch of Supporting People in April 2003, Capgemini
created and supported an interim system to enable local authorities to ready themselves
for the business and IT change. Cited as an example of best practice for transformation
projects in a Government Gateway Review, this system helped local authorities
formalize service definitions and played a key role in calculating the budgetary
requirements of the Programme, helping the ODPM to ascertain the size of the Supporting
People budget.


However, the long-term success of the Programme will be dependent on a new and
highly innovative set of IT services, called “Supporting People Hub Services”,
which will provide accurate and up-to-date information on the needs of vulnerable
people and the services that can assist them. Capgemini have assisted the ODPM
to develop the concept of, and secure IT partners to build, Hub Services. For
the first time, this national information system will allow SP practitioners to
gain up-to-date visibility, and track the effectiveness, of service provision.


Note to Editors

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