Main highlights of the report:

  • The price index decreased by 6.8% in Q1 2016 (index 91.5). When comparing to the index level of the previous year, Q1 2015, we see that the price index decreased by 3.2%.
  • In Q1 2016, the capacity index increased to 110.7 (+25.0%). This is the highest value since Q1 2014 (index 114.4).
  • The diesel index dropped to the lowest value since our measurements began in January 2008: an index of 59.1. The index is 22.7% lower than Q1 2015.

Erik van Dort, supply chain director at Capgemini notes: “The Q1 figures are pretty much in line with what we normally see. Most remarkable is that although there was plenty of capacity and the diesel index is on an all time low, the carriers managed to get a decent price for their services”.

Peter Förster, Managing Director of Transporeon, added: “A price index of 91.5 and capacity index of 110.7 are typical for the first quarter of a year. Similar values were also reached in 2012, 2013, and 2014. In the first quarter of 2015, a tendency toward high capacities and low prices was also noted, but with smaller fluctuation. Here, the shortened weeks before and after Easter already demonstrated their effect in Q1. Even if the capacities fall and the prices rise again for Q2 due to the season, we assume that this effect will be lessened this year.”

More details can be found in the Transport Market Monitor on


The Transport Market Monitor by Transporeon and Capgemini Consulting is a quarterly publication that aims to track transport market dynamics.

The aim of the Transport Market Monitor is to provide insights in the development of transport prices, and other transport market dynamics to logistics executives and other interest groups. It is a joint initiative from TRANSPOREON and Capgemini Consulting. The Index is based on the logistics platform TRANSPOREON on which shippers tender and process their transport needs to their preferred transport partners on a daily basis. Anonymously, information is unlocked from the platform and analysed by Capgemini Consulting. This results in monthly Indices which are published on a quarterly basis. 

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