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Capgemini sponsors the 2023 Defence Women’s Network Conference

Date: 27th April 2023​


Capgemini is proud to be a platinum sponsor of this year’s Defence Women’s Network Conference taking place in London on Thursday 27th April 2023. The event brings the Defence and Security Sector together to celebrate diversity and the efforts that make Defence more inclusive. This year, the theme of the conference will be ‘Leadership and Self-Empowerment’, exploring how female leaders, at any grade, can enhance their skills to become the leader they aspire to be.

Recently awarded the Times Top 50 Employers for Women, Capgemini believes a workplace where everyone feels valued for who they are isn’t just a powerful moral responsibility – it’s also a source of competitive advantage. 

In our commitment to breaking down barriers to a better future, supporting the Defence Women’s Network provides us with the opportunity to be a part of creating a truly inclusive workplace within the defence industry by attracting women to this sector who have traditionally been underrepresented, and to retain our already considerable talent. ​

Our defence expert and Vice President, Nikki Staerck, will be part of the panel discussion “The Power of No: The Importance of Setting Boundaries and Realistic Goals”. Something we can all relate to in our day to day lives.​ Come along and join (in person or virtually) the sure to be lively conversation and if you’re there visit the rest of our team on the Capgemini stand to learn more about our sustained commitment and actions towards achieving gender equality, as well as the work we do with clients in the defence industry. Although applications for in-person tickets have now closed, the event will be streamed live so please register for a virtual ticket before 24th March here:

Meet our panellist speaker:

Nikki Staerck,
Vice President and Women’s Network Sponsor

Nikki has been with Capgemini for the last 16 years delivering value for our public sector clients and is a highly experienced executive with a long career spanning over 3 decades of leading digital and infrastructure solutions in government, telecommunications, logistics and utilities in the UK, Europe, Australia and Asia.​ She is passionate about creating a diverse and inclusive environment that is comfortable for all colleagues, playing a leading role in women’s networks that have actively improved the diversity balance and are helping to drive a good culture for a fair and equitable workplace.​​

As a supplier in defence Nikki is proud to represent Capgemini in the Defence Women’s Network to help be part of the work that attracts and retains more women across the defence sector as a whole, traditionally it has been an area that is not attractive to women and opportunity abounds whether it’s part of the fighting forces, which may not be for everyone, as well as the civil service and the multitude of suppliers who also work in this sector and are well represented in the Defence Women’s Network.​

About the panel discussion – The Power of No: The Importance of Setting Boundaries and Realistic Goals

Not knowing how to say “no” is a problem that many people face. Saying no within the workplace is particularly daunting, with the thought that declining any task could negatively impact our performance or hinder potential advancement. While it is important to step in and assist team members whenever possible, it is equally as important to understand our limits and say no when needed. The ability to analyse one’s workload and set realistic boundaries not only promotes efficiency, effectiveness, and quality control, but also enhances mental health and engagement in the workplace. How can we as individuals learn to assert ourselves and prioritise our own work, needs, and well-being while maintaining a harmonious workplace and collaborative work culture?​

Conference Agenda





Conference Open


Session 1

Turn Lemons into Lemonade​

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Make the best of the negative situations in life. Learn how to adopt a more optimistic attitude in the face of adversity.


Session 2

Silencing Self-Doubt: How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome​

Imposter syndrome affects us all at one point or another. Techniques and tactics to identify the voice of imposters syndrome and how to silence it.




Session 3

Queenagers: The Canaries in the Coal Mine for Organisational Culture

Queenagers aka crucial talent in an organisation. Lots of senior women in an organisation is a sign that people feel valued, appreciated and are conducting purposeful work with autonomy and flexibility (exactly what Millennials and Zoomers are after too).


Session 4

The Innovator’s Guide to Life & Career: Launch Before You Are Ready​

Perfectionism is often paralysing, and it is not conducive to long-term, sustainable success. Instead aiming for progress rather than perfection, opens the door to a world of opportunities, and can pave the way to a bigger and more fulfilling life and career.




Session 5

The Power of No: The Importance of Setting Boundaries and Realistic Goals

Not knowing how to say “no” is a problem that many people face. Learning to assert ourselves and prioritise our own work, needs, and well-being while maintaining a harmonious workplace and collaborative work culture.


Session 6

Talk It Out: Go deeper, Get clear

95% of how we feel comes from our subconscious, which means most of us have no idea why we’re having a good day or a bad day. Talk It Out takes you deeper to help you understand your subconscious thoughts and the emotions they create.




Session 7

Networking: Creating Your Own Beehive

Queen bees need others to survive and succeed – do you? Networking tactics to help leverage your professional growth. From creating connections with the right people, through to building a large network of influential contacts and climbing the corporate ladder.



Conference Close

Thought Leadership:

Our corporate responsibility and sustainability (CR&S) reports provide an overview of Capgemini UK’s performance

Each year, we are recognised for our corporate responsibility and sustainability (CR&S) initiatives and achievements.

A recent Capgemini Research Institute report, The key to designing inclusive tech, shows that leaders in the public sector overwhelmingly say yes

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Dr. Lucy Mason
Mar 23, 2023

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