Corizon, the enterprise mashup company, today announces a Systems
Integrator Partnership with Capgemini Outsourcing Services in the UK.
This partnership supports the realisation of tangible capabilities in
support of growing activity both companies are seeing with their client
base.  Clients are now aggressively looking to reap the many newly
emerging business benefits enabled by leveraging enterprise mashup
services in their business & applications transformation strategies.

Capgemini has pioneered the adoption of enterprise mashups to support client
requirements to deliver rapid business value.  Capgemini sees the
adoption of enterprise mashups by their clients as an opportunity to
continuously innovate and deliver iterative business improvements that
result in increased productivity and significant cost reduction.

An enterprise mashup is a business/customer oriented, custom application,
rapidly assembled by, or in close collaboration with, business users in
short timescales to meet immediate business needs.  Typically, they
combine data, functionality or processes from multiple existing
internal or external IT/Information assets to create innovative
services & new business value.

The Capgemini enterprise mashups programme includes a structured set
of activities that range from analysis through implementing
proof-of-concepts, the production of mashable components and complete
end-to-end enterprise mashup applications. Clients can choose the level
of service support they require and will benefit from a fast track
approach to achieving ‘fit for purpose’ applications that deliver
improved user productivity and rapid project payback. The Capgemini CTO
Team’s Enterprise Architects work with clients at the juncture between
their evolving competitive business needs and the enabling capabilities
of leading edge technologies. They have the skills, experience and
partnerships in place to help clients reap the benefits of enterprise

Corizon provides an Enterprise Mashup Platform that simplifies the
creation of the mashable components, delivered as easy to deploy User
Interface or UI Services and makes them readily available to the
business community.  Business users can then use these UI Services to
build process based end user applications that deliver the right
information at the right time to drive the desired productivity, cost
and customer experience improvements. This robust platform ensures that
new applications can be quickly created and deployed on a large scale
to thousands of users with the security and governance required of a
robust enterprise IT infrastructure.

Karl Deacon, CTO, Capgemini Outsourcing Services, says “We
identified a real value opportunity for our clients to benefit from
enterprise mashups within their IT strategies. Enterprise mashups are
proven to deliver rapid productivity improvements and impressive
project payback in the Business lead projects. We have developed a
complete package of supporting services to help clients maximise the
benefits. The Corizon Enterprise Mashup Platform provides us with an
excellent solution, from which we can deliver our client new business 
benefits at speed and very low-cost

Eric Guilloteau, CEO Corizon adds “The Corizon Enterprise Mashup
Platform is only available from our approved Systems Integrator and
Solutions Provider Partners including Capgemini.  Each partner is
trained to maximise the use of the platform to deliver their clients
with fit for purpose mashup applications . Corizon was the first
company to deliver an enterprise mashup platform and is the only
company to have deployed robust mashup solutions across thousands of

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