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Client Stories

HM Revenue & Customs: Setting the Benchmark for Secure Electronic Data Transfer

HMRC and customers transform how they exchange sensitive information.

The Situation

Public confidence in how government departments safeguard their personal and business information is vital. HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) transfers a huge volume of sensitive customer data through its activities to collect the tax and duties vital to fund the UK’s public services, and they needed an electronic service to do this. HMRC worked with Capgemini to introduce their new Secure Electronic Transfer (SET) service.

The Solution

HMRC’s SET service provides assurance when sharing large volumes of personal and financial details. SET uses a link on the government’s online services website, the Government Gateway (GGW), transfers encrypted data over the secure network and uses multiple layers of security at all stages before it is accessed by the approved party using an electronic signature. It reuses components on the established GGW to support cross-government efficiency, avoiding license fees and ties to specific technology. SET combines proven technology for secure data transfer with the controls and governance provided by HMRC’s purpose-designed Managed Data Transfer Service.

The Result

SET is used for over 70% of HMRC’s large data transfers and has over 1000 customers. Customer take-up exceeded expectations, and within ten months of its launch, 900 fewer items of physical media had been sent to HMRC. The new approach dramatically improves security and speed, replaces the use of media and couriers and supports HMRC’s efficiency and green priorities.