The award was proudly received by Jean-Pierre Levy, VP Telecom, Media and Entertainment at Capgemini and Global Vodafone Account Executive. He was congratulated by by Chris Burges,
Vodafone Director of Corporate Responsibility and Mark Saint, SPM Operations Senior

For the past three years, Vodafone has presented performance awards to three
of its key suppliers at its Annual Global Supplier Conference. The Corporate Responsibility
award recognises a supplier that has shown commitment to Vodafone’s Code of Ethical
Purchasing and has engaged with Vodafone on CSR & Sustainability issues whilst
developing its own CSR & Sustainability programme. An important aspect in
winning this award has been Capgemini’s publication of our standalone Group CSR
& Sustainability Report 2007: The Other Face of Capgemini.

“The 2008 Supplier CR Engagement award went to the Capgemini Group, for continually demonstrating its commitment to the global ethical standards
in-line with the expectations set by our Code of Ethical Purchasing; and for objectively
and systematically aligning its corporate responsibility programme with their
business values. Capgemini Group’s first corporate responsibility report, published
recently, clearly demonstrates the substantial effort the company has made in
a short period of time” says Chris Burges, Vodafone Director of Corporate Responsibility.

Vodafone has introduced a Supplier Performance Management (SPM) programme in
which they evaluate their suppliers based on six pillars. Every six months Capgemini is evaluated against these pillars.

To download the Group CSR & Sustainability Report please visit our Group Corporate Responsibility pages.