Jonathan Ebsworth, head of SAP Major Deals, UK Leadership Team and Tara Singh, SAP Partner Manager, Apps UK received the award at the ceremony at Old Billingsgate, London on 22nd May following a very successful SAP Forum that celebrated 40 years of SAP Applications. 

The 2012 awards are new to the UK & Ireland marketplace and recognise not only how well the proud recipients have worked together with SAP, but by working together, how they have delivered success to their customers. As summed up by SAP: “Capgemini has had a large number of successful projects (including seven potential candidates for this year’s customer Quality Awards) and has demonstrated excellent collaboration with SAP. Furthermore, following best practices in implementation, they have embraced Solution Manager to the extent that they have created and are rolling out their new ‘iSAP’ methodology, based on the latest version of Solution Manager.”

Jonathan said: “Of all the possible awards that we could have picked up, this is one of the most prestigious. It is an award that reflects great credit on our substantial SAP team, and is one we can leverage effectively in sales where certainty of outcome is almost always critical. It was all the more pleasing because this year the awards were made in front of both Partners and Customers of SAP.”

Please see the full winners’ list here.