After the success of its 2009 campaign, Capgemini is continuing its 100% online
advertising campaign with new episodes of the ‘elevator’ series which began last
year. Viewed via video banners, the series of humorous sketches set in an elevator
(a highly symbolic place for businesses) illustrates the challenges facing clients
in the current economic situation and Capgemini’s response. The campaign will
be launched on 17 May on more than 50 general, business and specialised IT websites
in seven countries: France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, the
Netherlands, Spain and Sweden.

A 100% online campaign now available on mobile networks and the iPad

This new 100% internet campaign uses the main levers available through the internet
to increase interactivity with web users:

  • multiple high visibility advertising formats rolled out in two waves, the second
    during the World Cup, and interactive video banners making it possible to contact
    Group experts or automated information sent in a couple of clicks, as well as
    promotion on major websites such as Le Monde, Les Echos and Boursorama in France;
  • Capgemini’s website will reflect events and contain areas devoted to the Group’s
    new proposals; – presence on social networking sites, particularly YouTube, Facebook
    and Twitter, as well as Capgemini’s blogs and a synchronized Google campaign;
  • the launch on 17 May of the mobile version of the Group’s website with content
    fully adapted for this purpose – a first in the IT services sector;
  • a significant media mechanism on the mobile versions of several major websites
    (particularly The Guardian, the BBC and Le Monde);
  • media presence on the iPad (on the New York Times application for one month),
    making Capgemini one of the first to use this medium.

Messages responding to clients’ post-crisis concerns

The five films in the campaign discuss:

  • assistance for clients with their choices: “Cut your costs, not your potential” and “It is time for action. Elevate your
    business today.”
  • and the Group’s expertise via new recently launched offers on cloud computing:
    “With Capgemini, virtualise your IT and realise your productivity.”
  • Information management: “Turn your data into a competitive advantage.”
  • And management of the life cycle of IT applications: “When your applications landscape becomes flexible and productive, so does your

For Philippe Grangeon, Capgemini Group Marketing and Communication Director, “by generating more than 800 million banners viewed in 2009, our international
100% internet advertising campaign lived up to expectations. In 2010 we are strengthening
the online communication mechanism to consolidate our international reputation
and support our commercial objectives. And we are demonstrating innovation; we
are the first in our sector to launch a multiplatform web campaign integrating
mobile networks and the iPad as communication platforms.”

For the advertising campaign and the mechanism, the Group has been assisted by
Publicis Conseil and Publicis Modem.

Capgemini has been working with Havas Media International to establish the media