Capgemini Financial Services UK is looking for 24 bright and motivated school leavers to join a new apprenticeship scheme being launched this year in the North of England and which aims to train young people in the IT requirements of the investment banking and capital markets sector. The scheme is the first from Capgemini in the UK to focus on northern cities and the first to be designed specifically for the financial services sector. Capgemini Financial Services is part of the Capgemini Group, one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services.

The young people joining the scheme will undergo a two-year apprenticeship combining formal instruction with on-the-job training and day-release for college attendance. Their training will include technical IT skills and banking industry knowledge and they will be expected and encouraged to achieve the Advanced Apprenticeship for IT and Telecoms Professionals qualification. They will receive a highly competitive starting salary, reviewed at six-monthly intervals, and every apprentice is expected to receive an offer of a full-time post with the company on successfully completing the two-year course.

The Capgemini initiative reflects the revival of interest among young people in apprenticeships that has followed recent negative publicity about the costs of attending university.

Owen Weeks, Vice President for Capital Markets UK at Capgemini, said: ‘Demand for new IT is increasing strongly from our UK and global banking sector clients, mainly as a result of worldwide market recovery but also because of ever more stringent regulatory requirements. We are determined to ensure we have the future trained and qualified talent to continue meeting this demand, and that is why I warmly welcome this new apprenticeship scheme. I believe it will provide us with valuable new junior developers in the near future and our next generation of leaders and managers in the not-too-distant future.’

He added that the North of England, with its strong educational tradition, tremendous pool of talent and excellent transport and communication links, made it a logical centre for onshore IT development carried out on behalf of Capgemini’s clients in the City and in overseas financial centres. The apprenticeships will be based in Leeds, Liverpool and Newcastle but will also involve working on client projects at locations in London and other UK financial centres and in some cases at overseas locations.

The new scheme builds on Capgemini’s existing apprenticeship scheme which has previously centred on  the South East and  Midlands, and is the first of a number of new apprenticeship schemes planned by Capgemini. It also draws much of its inspiration from an award-winning apprenticeship scheme that has been run in the North for the last two years by Strategic Systems Solutions, the Leeds-based financial IT specialist company that was acquired by Capgemini in 2010.

Capgemini expects to find the majority of recruits to its new scheme through the web-based vacancy matching system operated by the National Apprenticeship Service. The company is confident that the opportunity will appeal to many bright 18-year-olds whose preferences or circumstances propel them to the workplace rather than university. Recruiting will commence in July for the first year of the new course which starts in September.

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