Source, a leading market analyst firm for the consulting industry, assesses firms’ Thought Leadership performance through its White Space initiative1. Since the creation of the Digital Transformation Research Institute in 2012, Capgemini Consulting has risen quickly through the Source rankings due to both the depth of its research into the business implications of the digital economy, and also the relentlessly high standard of its concise content.
Rachel Ainsworth, Head of Research at Source said: “Capgemini Consulting’s ranking has moved up significantly this year as a result of its innovative thought leadership approach of ‘low volume/high investment’, which is delivering very good quality material on a small number of topics.”
Didier Bonnet, Senior Vice-President at Capgemini Consulting and sponsor of Capgemini Consulting’s Digital Transformation program, said: “We are very pleased to see the work of our consultants and the Digital Transformation Research Institute being recognised. Our digital transformation work is grounded in robust research which is becoming more and more critical given the increasing complexity of today’s business environment. We are now focused on scaling up our digital transformation initiatives to offer enhanced services to our clients.”