A New Era of User Control

Enterprise IT has entered an era of unprecedented change: virtually every aspect of its service delivery role has been upended. Users now dictate which technologies they use, and where they use them. As a result, most IT departments have adopted transformation initiatives but many still fail to address user, IT and business needs at the same time.      
CIOs need to perform a delicate balancing act to:
●      Give users the flexibility they need
●      Ensure IT retains control and compliance
●      Meet business objectives

Choice and Flexibility in User-Centric Support

Our experience with both users and IT enables you not only to create an ideal user experience but also to support IT services and business objectives. We offer My Experience with two complementary services that can be installed as a package or separately:

  • My Workspace provides a single portal through which individual users can access any IT service from any device and anywhere, at any time
  • My Support brings a new level of choice and flexibility to user-centric support through a Digital Service Centre, Intelligent Service Centre and Distributed Smart Services. Our staff provides support when and where it’s needed, using globally consistent processes, tools and methodologies.