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Helping CPG companies to use e-commerce to drive towards recovery

The CP industry has been facing changing market dynamics in recent months, offering both an opportunity and a threat.

Capgemini Invent has been working closely with our clients in this industry to help them to stay connected to their consumers and be able to respond rapidly to further market disruption.

A number of our clients have told us that they would benefit from discussions with other CPG client peers who are facing similar challenges. To help, we’re setting up an online roundtable with a small group of peers on the topics you’ve raised as most relevant, such as:

  • What are the winning strategies for CPG companies to drive the path to purchase and take share of the online shelf?
  • Faced with the shift to a ‘new normal’, how do you identify the lasting behaviours and needs of emerging consumer segments?
  • How can you use these insights to win new occasions and drive meaningful engagement?

These will be free-flow dialogue sessions, structured around questions posed by you.

Registrations for this event have now closed, but please complete the form below to join the next event.

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            <em>In the meantime, here is our latest research report,&nbsp;<a href=""><strong>The Consumer and Covid-19</strong></a>, which explores how consumer products and retail organisations can drive operational resilience and maintain their pre-crisis focus on customer relationships and engagement in a fast-changing, dynamic environment that has fundamentally disrupted traditional shopping behaviour.</em><p></p>
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