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Contact centre moderniSation in banking

Digital transformation and contact centre modernisation with Amazon Connect is driving innovation, hyper-personalisation, and omnichannel customer experiences in banking

Executive summary

The path to hyper-personalisation has been laid out. Pandemic urgency has accelerated existing cloud adoption strategies and necessitated a more considered customer service approach, which delivers tailored, omnichannel banking options, and customised products and services.

The cloud-based contact centre is fast becoming the primary way to deliver on these demands and the time is ripe for the financial services industry to rejuvenate its focus on customer service innovation. Rather than centering sales strategies around designing and selling products for all, banks must now harness the power of cloud-based contact centre platforms to deliver greater customer data insights to their agents and personalise products and services for every customer.

There are three major components that banks need to add in order to satisfy changing customer needs, open new possibilities, and ignite growth:

  • Harnessing accurate data, analytics, and AI to deliver hyper-personalised experiences
  • Migration and transformation of legacy systems to cloud-based solutions
  • Utilising Open Finance to access partnerships, opportunities, and related offerings via APIs.

Collecting the data is just the start. Without transforming systems to deliver the insight into what that data means, and how to act on it, it’s just numbers and facts on screen.

This whitepaper explores how the future of banking must be omnichannel and hyper-personalised if financial institutions want to keep their customers happy.