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I love my life at Capgemini

26 Apr 2021

Another clear breezy evening of this spring; it was the anniversary day of lockdown. We started working from home almost during same time last year and continuing. After logging off from work, I was sitting in backyard garden and was allowing my mind to jump and play through the jungle of my thoughts.

The town seemed so much in hurry. Loads of lights flashing, kids giggling around in their backyard gardens, birds chirping, traffic rattling towards homes. Everyone was so tired, dragging themselves to rest in the peaceful arms of their sweet homes. Sun was waving his “Good-Bye” for the day and rushing to set. Birds racing towards their nests rose in the sky. Through the windows that ran along the sides of apartment blocks, little flashes of light started descending.

I was busy glancing at all this and my mind was still busy in the jungle of my thoughts. I was actually rewinding year of this lockdown at Capgemini and It all seemed to be déjà vu. I was amazed and very happy to figure out that all career wishes which I lived in my dreams in the beginning of year seem to have come true despite of this new style of working from home. I have completed 12 years in IT and around 7 years in Capgemini in Mar 2021. Summarizing the experience here I truly feel that we – Capgemini – live by our tagline – “People matter, Results count”.

Being in projects from multiple clients, multiple domains, multiple countries and part of different business units, part of Hyperion COE, I feel so much inclusive with the Brand that even before this blog was written, I had done my piece of analysis about this sense of inclusion , inclusion to Capgemini, inclusion to I&D, inclusion to AMS and I can summarize it with following major points.

WOW through Service

Whether it is technical excellence, prompt delivery or excelling an extra activity, love the culture of being appreciated, to be more correct, being WOWed at Capgemini. Hyperion COE lead always started communication with words like Great, Wow, Good  etc. and now, I understood and loved this approach. It is supremely motivating for team.

Build a Positive Team and inclusivity Spirit

I remember being at Norway for short period for an implementation project of Hyperion environments and faced issues due to shorter period to communicate with client and wrap up the work before returning to India. I was literally amused to see how my COE lead, COE team and my management from other account helped me which ended everything in real good shape.

Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication

Company values strong relationships with openness and honesty in all areas: with managers, direct reports, customers (internal and external), vendors, business partners, team members, and co-workers. I always received very honest replies whether for my assignments or demands etc.

Create Fun and Be Adventurous, Creative

The major highlight of lockdown to keep the positivity intact was AMS Fun group. It has been over a year of lockdown and every month comes with some new fun competitions. I was happy more than any work related appreciation or award when I won couple of fun competitions. When Christmas meal was not there for the first time, we enjoyed Christmas themed AMS call and specially leadership participation with Christmas themed attires.

Pursue Growth and Learning

Capgemini believe that every employee has more potential than even the employee realizes. Company’s goal is to help employees unlock that potential. If one can count growth with number of awards or promotion or acceptance or learning, it was plenty in these 7 years. Have learnt a lot technically, and it has increased my technical blog visitors above 30K.

To summarize,
Maybe a great anxiety keeps covering professional life.
Maybe I am confused of my goals sometimes.
Maybe I am tired of too much competition sometimes.
But yet, this professional life is a gift and I am jubilant and joyful to unwrap every new moment of it.

Yes, I love my life at Capgemini.