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Capgemini UK ‘Breaking the Barriers’ – Extended Family Friendly Policies and Guides

Simon Nandhra
25 Jan 2023

Primary Parent & Partner Leave

Expanding your family is an exciting time. No matter how you are welcoming a child into your family, we want to ensure our people and their families are supported on this journey.

At Capgemini UK, we have significantly refreshed our family friendly policies, which are for all UK employees, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, race or religion.

At Capgemini, we have replaced individual policies for maternity, paternity, adoption, surrogacy, and shared parental leave, with two brand new inclusive policies, which encompass our previous five individual family policies.

Our two new policies, Primary Parent Family Leave and Partner Family Leave, are progressive, going above and beyond previous entitlements providing all parents with equal parental leave, no matter how a child has entered your family.

Parents welcoming a child into their family will now be eligible for up to 52 weeks leave, regardless of whether they are the primary caregiver or the partner. Primary caregivers will also be eligible for up to 26 weeks paid leave at 100% of their average earnings, and those partners wishing to take Shared Parental Leave will be eligible for up to 24 weeks paid leave at 100% of their average earnings in addition to taking paid partner leave.

Capgemini UK ‘Supporting Our People’ – Family Friendly Policies and Guides (Existing Policies)

As a reminder, these 2 new policies join our suite of existing policies regarding family matters which include:
Pregnancy/Baby Loss Support
Fertility Assistance
Compassionate & Bereavement Leave
Menopause Support

At Capgemini, we want to make sure that when our people are impacted by personal circumstances, we have the relevant support available.

By investing in our people and their unique situations, we are creating a workplace in which we can all thrive and shine. Team spirit, collaboration, flexibility, and strong ethics are the foundation of our approach to our people, and we’re proud of it.

To find out more about our existing policies, read our blog here.