Accelerated Solutions Environment

One year as a co-designer in the ASE

Joe Coulman

Joe, a Co-Designer in the Accelerated Solutions Environment, reflects on what he’s experienced, learned and achieved a year in to joining the team.

Accelerated Solutions Environment

Dipping a toe into the proverbial ASE waters

There is no use in creative collaboration if it doesn’t help you to achieve the goals you set, right? By defining clear objectives and event goals, the ASE team purposefully facilitates client teams towards actionable solutions.

Life at Capgemini

Becoming a Leader: The Finale

In this final blog I try my upmost to summarise what has been a genuinely life changing year for myself and others on the Capgemini Future Leaders Programme 2018.

Life at Capgemini

Becoming A Leader: 4 Months In

Now into month 4 of the Capgemini Future Leaders Programme, myself and the class of 2018 are officially half way through the journey of this programme, but still very much at the beginnings of our journeys as leaders. In this blog I take stock of how things are going, share my experience of trying to be less nice (at least sometimes!) and talk about another book that I have found useful.

Life at Capgemini

Becoming a Leader: 2 months in

Jessica Pybus

Returning hot off the Eurostar from the Capgemini University at Les Fontaines, the Future Leaders Class of 2018 have just completed a week of intense leadership learning, and in this blog I will share some of the insights that I gained, emotions that I felt, and lessons that I learnt.


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