Philippe Vié

Expert in Smart homes, Smart Meter Network Operations / AMI, Utilities Transformation

Philippe Vié is the Global Energy, Utilities and Chemicals Sector Leader at Capgemini, and has been in the industry for over 25 years leading transformation projects globally.  As global leader, Philippe is responsible for shaping Capgemini’s EUC portfolio, and selling and delivering end to end transformation engagements for top utility and energy companies.  Philippe leads Capgemini’s annual World Energy Markets Observatory (WEMO), a report examining the electricity and gas markets in Europe, North America, Australia, and Southeast Asia. The report is drafted from public data, combined with Capgemini’s expertise in the energy sector (technologies, transformation, new business models), as well as special expertise on regulation, energy transition, climate challenges, and customer behavior.

Philippe Vié

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Group Vice President - Energy & Utilities @ Capgemini Consulting


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