Cloud Choice

Joseph Coyle

Expert in Cloud, IaaS, Infrastructure, PaaS, SaaS, SAP

I am the Global CTO for the new Cloud Services practice which was formed to adopt, design, and deliver Cloud opportunities to clients around the world in a consistent manner, de-coupled from the traditional consulting model.

This role brings together all of Capgemini’s cloud skills around the group, while also coordinating with our digital practice to provide solid consulting and technology skills to our clients across the globe.

As Capgemini’s face and spokesperson to the analyst world, I have published and quoted throughout many sources such as GigaOM, Network World, Gartner, Computer World, IT Business Edge, etc, in many areas related to overall emerging technology including Cloud computing, Market Predictions, Analytics, IoT, and the modernisation of legacy environments such as SAP.

Joseph Coyle

My experience

CTO @ Capgemini


Vice President @ Capgemini

08/30/1997 to 05/30/2012