Webinar: UK on life support

How the pandemic is impacting the most vulnerable in society

Join the second session of this webinar series.

The UK continues to reel from the impacts of the virus as we exit the second wave of lockdown restrictions into a new, strengthened tier system, whilst the serious economic and social impacts worsen with no signs of improvement.

Our research series, “UK on Life Support” has used trends in data to explore the hidden impacts of the pandemic on the most vulnerable segments of society.

SMEs and self-employed people form the backbone of our economy, contributing to around 50% of GDP and employing c. 16 million people, 3/5ths of the UK’s workforce. Data suggests they are being disproportionately impacted, with higher degrees of vulnerability with an uncertain outlook for the future. Job cuts and financial woes at large organisations may be grabbing the headlines. But should we be more worried about the quiet, hidden disappearance of smaller businesses and the jobs they create?

Innovation & new businesses will be critical in fuelling an economic rebound in the future. As we face into even greater economic uncertainty, what are the prospects for those facing unemployment, be that employees of smaller businesses or those more generally furloughed.

In the next webinar in this series, we explore the pandemic’s hidden impacts on:

  • Businesses
  • Employed on the Furlough scheme
  • Self-employed and;
  • the Unemployed

Join Capgemini Invent and cross-industry experts to debate these key questions and bring together our findings so far. Our aim will be to identify the key challenges and priorities we face and start the discussion on how these can be tackled collaboratively, influencing key policy makers and institutions.

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Event details

December 17, 2020
Webinar, Timings: 2pm to 3pm